Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

Unfortunately in business there is always the chance of an unwanted conflict with a client, contractor, or other relationship with your business where a conflict arises that needs legal assistance to resolve. Fortunately, you can hire Steven Cope with Cope Law Firm to represent your interests in a commercial litigation case. Assisting businesses for over 30 years, Steven Cope is dedicated to providing you with dependable and informed representation.

Commercial Litigation Lawyer to Protect Your Business

There are generally many reasons you may need to hire legal representation for a commercial litigation case. Steven Cope has extensive knowledge and experience to help you with a number of case types, including: antitrust/unfair practices and trade regulation violations, banking and creditor issues, breach of contract, breach of warranty, business torts, construction law, environmental law, insurance, product liability, professional liability, real estate, securities, toxic tort, intellectual property including copyright and trademark infringement, partnership and shareholder disputes, and more.

Recovery from Breach of Contract

When a contract is broken, is has a high potential to damage your business. This damage can eventually put future work and growth by your business at risk in addition to losing the immediate progress that contract was supposed to provide. There are legal remedies you can take advantage of as the victim of a broken contract. Compensatory damages, for example, could provide reimbursement for monetary loss. Consequential and incidental damage would compensate you for loss of foreseeable future business.

Liquidated damages can be granted for things like late or substandard performance as defined in the contract which was broken. There are a number of remedies and monetary compensations possible for breach of contract. The longer you wait to act on the broken contract the less likely you are to receive these compensations. It’s important to act now before time turns against you and you cannot recover losses from this type of incident. Contact Steven Cope at the Cope Law Firm today!