Alex McCann Attorney Profile

Alex McCann Attorney Profile

Alex McCann Attorney has been practicing law for more than 30 years. In the beginning of his career, Alex started at a large firm and made partner after only 6 years. Not long after he decided to open his own firm to have the freedom to decide how to help people. He opened his own firm in 2000, and has spent decades growing his network. He is able to offer the same benefits as many firms through his network of professionals, while providing the personal touch of a smaller firm. Making real connections and helping clients is one of Alex McCann’s top priorities.

What matters to Alex

Alex McCann Attorney has a passion for helping people, and a desire to help them find justice. Alex has successfully argued before the Maine Supreme Court, and has positively impacted the law for men and women working in Maine. He has extensive experience in areas like statutory construction, legislative history, and case law. This allows him to present complex cases, yielding positive results for his clients.

Where Alex McCann Attorney Comes from

Alex is from South Portland, and was raised with values like service, helping others and giving back to the community. Coming from a large family, the youngest of nine, he knew the value of hard work early on. He put himself through college and law school, working all the while, first as a Dimillo’s dock hand and eventually Chief of Staff of the Massachusetts’ Senate Judiciary Committee.

What Alex stands for

Alex McCann Attorney is always ready to go to bat for the little guy. He respects the story of everyone who comes to him, and knows that story can make the difference in creating an effective case for his clients. Also knowing how that story is told is important to make your case.