IRS Audit help

Do you need IRS Audit help? The Law Office of James D. Wade may be able to assist you! We can all agree being audited isn’t very fun. No one wants the IRS on their back. Did you know you are especially at risk if you claim the earned tax income or run a proprietorship? The odds are a lot higher than if you were only an employee. The chance of being audited is usually around 1%. And thats from all individual tax returns. However your audit risk could vary due to your specific tax situation. For example, if you run a business and claim the earned income tax credit. Your risk of being audited increases up to 2.5%. Doesn’t seem like a lot but its more than someone with a regular wage. If IRS Audit help is what you require then seriously consider a tax lawyer like James D. Wade. Don’t wait call The Law Office of James D. Wade now. Having professional help with your audit will save you a lot of trouble and frustration. Take care of your audit the right way by hiring a professional tax attorney. James D. Wade is also a good resource if you need advise on tax law. Especially if your case is large and does require an attorney, James D. Wade is the way to go.