Tax Law Videos

Tax Law Videos

Are you looking for a Maine attorney who specializes in tax and business law? James D. Wade is an experienced lawyer with 10 years of owning his own firm. He specializes in tax and business law and can probably help you with any legal issues you are facing in those areas. James isn’t just here to represent you though, he has many Tax Law Videos on his website to help inform you with the important points and things to consider when looking for a tax lawyer or just doing the research for yourself. Right now he has many videos available to help you figure out your needs.

Tax Law Videos For Quick Answers

Instead of calling up an office or look into a bunch of web pages for your answers, get them quick and easily at James D. Wade’s website! Videos are a generally great way to learn about something quickly and efficiently. For example, are you wondering if James can help you deal with the IRS? He has a video for that right on his videos page. Can he help you with unfiled tax returns? What does a tax attorney do? What is the fresh start initiative? These are all questions his tax law videos have answers to.

Helping Mainers in Good Times & Bad

James D. Wade not only has extensive experience as a lawyer but he also practiced as a CPA for over 10 years! He understands the tax law arena and can help you with many issues. Including: Tax Debt Relief, IRS Tax Audits, IRS Tax Resolution, and more. He can help you answer question like: “How should I file my business? LLC, S-Corp, or Corporation?” “Can I “Audit Proof” my business?” and “What’s the best way to organize my business to reduce taxes before I sell it?” As well as many other common and legitimate questions business owners have these days. Contact James D. Wade today or watch his Tax Law Videos for answers!