Portland Maine Business Lawyer

Portland Maine Business Lawyer

If you are searching for a Portland Maine Business Lawyer, look no further than Cope Law Firm. Steven Cope is an experienced attorney, representing businesses in an array or legal needs. Whether you simply need assistance filing your business corporate structure or if you need representation in a contract dispute, or commercial or civil litigation, and more.

Portland Maine Business Lawyer For Small Businesses

Steven Cope focuses on small businesses, to make sure the little guy isn’t getting stepped on. Today’s economy and market’s use very cut throat tactics, having legal representation can ease relations, and ensure you get what you are after. Small businesses need many legal services. Cope Law Firm provides advice and assistance in the formation of your new small business. They will review contracts and important documents for errors or misleading language. Steven Cope can represent you in a breach of contract case. They will help you with due diligence and financial investment counseling. In addition, they can handle shareholder disputes and buy and sell agreements. With the small business in mind, you can see the commitment Steven brings to his clients.

Experienced And Tenacious

With over 35 years of experience and a habit of thoroughly examining all aspects of the cases he takes on, Steven Cope can guide you through pretty much anything you may be facing. He is also selective with the cases he takes on. Steven wants to make sure he is right for his clients and vice versa. He doesn’t take cases were he feels he can’t help, and doesn’t beat around the bush, wasting your time and money. He will personally handle your case, and doesn’t pass the buck on hard work. With Steven on your team, you know your case is under control.

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