IRS Tax Resolution

IRS Tax Resolution

Many of us don’t really have much interaction with the IRS other than filing our taxes without any issues. When you do run into issues with the IRS is can be overwhelming and scary, but you don’t have to go it alone. The law offices of James D. Wade specialize in all different aspects of the tax law, and has knowledge of many different ways to help his clients.

No matter what kind of tax issue you are having, James Wade has the experience and knowledge to help. No matter if you’re debating the tax consequences of a transaction, you’re in trouble with the IRS or Maine Revenue Services, or maybe you just need some help with your tax returns, James Wade will be there as your advocate and advisor each step of the way.

Is you have found yourself in trouble with the IRS, then you are aware how complex your financial issues can become. The IRS has a lot of power to be able to collect unpaid taxes. No matter what your situation with the IRS is, James Wade can help you develop an IRS tax resolution. When you don’t have help resolving your issues with the IRS they can take a number of different steps to reclaim the money you owe:

  • The can file a tax lien on your property which can potentially destroy your credit.
  • They can even seize your bank account and garnish your wages, leaving you unable to pay your bills.

Get a tax lawyer on your side before it comes to any of those last resort options. The IRS does not have to go to court like other creditors to get a judgement before they can start the collection process. Make sure you have an experienced tax attorney helping you with your IRS tax resolution before things get out of hand. Contact James Wade today to schedule your free consultation.