Alexander McCann Law Offices

Alexander McCann Law Offices

Sometimes finding a lawyer can be touch, you have to feel comfortable with that person and trust them to do what’s best for you. People that Alexander McCann Law Offices has helped had something to say about it;

“I would recommend Alex to anyone. Alex is undoubtedly the only attorney that has truly listened, shown me empathy, and offered helpful and professional guidance. He has been on top of every problem I have had, and I have a very difficult case. Alex responds to my questions or concerns so quickly, he has even responded to me on a weekend…”

“Alex is easy to talk with. He explained the law and my rights regarding worker compensation. He discussed all my options and then gave me time to decide what was best for me. My accident was life changing and he was very patient. Calls and emails were returned promptly. My questions were all answered. I would not hesitate to recommend him.”

Don’t just take their word for it, if you’re having trouble in any of the following areas, call Alexander McCann today;

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Employment Discrimination
  • or Personal Injury cases.

Not only does he have a reputation for helping people, listening to them and doing what’s right, he also has over 26 years of experience to back it all up. During his 26 years of practicing law he has specialized in employment and personal injury for over 16 years. He started off in a large firm, where it only took him 6 years to make partner! He found himself unfulfilled and wanted to work closer with his clients. This desire lead him to start his own practice in 2002. Being from Maine, and one of 9 kids, he learned the importance of hard work at an early age.

If you feel as though someone is pushing you around, don’t stand for it and give Alexander McCann a call. If something in your gut is telling you something doesn’t feel right, give him a call. He will give you the time and attention you deserve and the settlement you need.